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The mission of MotivePoint is to help salon and spa professionals reach their full potential by showing them a better way to run their businesses.  We do this by introducing innovative practices, simple-to-use technologies, and fail-proof systems needed to succeed in today’s business environment.


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A Different Recruiting Strategy For Salon Owners

  Cosmetology schools are for learning.  So, we teach.   Historically, we have found that recruiting and hiring from cosmetology schools has always produced some of the most loyal and best stylists that we have on our team today.   Now, that’s not to say that we refuse to hire experienced stylists.   Some of our best team leads and stylists happen to be recruits that we hired with experience.   Heck, one of my Salon Directors came to us with over 20 years experience working behind the chair, and she’s amazing!   But over time, when you look... read more