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We’ve tested these practices in our salons and spas.   They worked for us and they will work for you.   The best part is that these will free up your time to do something fun!  Get off early, go spend some time with family, or take a long weekend trip!


You deserve it.

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Never lose a receipt or important document ever again.  Ever.

Go Paperless With The World's Best Scanning App

Do you you ever feel like your team members aren’t listening?


How To Communicate With Millennials

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find important documents?  

Digitize Important Company Documents

When you pay bills, do the steps & approval processes get frustrating? 

Manage Cash Flow Digitally

The Paperless Salon is a place where you will find some of the most popular ways we use technology to run our salons and spas.  In this space, you will only find solutions that have been tried and tested over several months.    These strategies and systems have been instrumental in driving down costs, increasing efficiencies and boosting profits.