What is MotivePoint?

The mission of MotivePoint is to help salon and spa professionals reach their full potential by showing them a better way to run their businesses using innovative practices, simple-to-use technologies, and fail-proof systems needed to succeed in today’s business environment.


People can’t motivate other people.  People can, however, inspire other people.  Inspiration leads to motivation.    When someone is inspired,  a visible shift occurs.   You feel different.   You know that feeling you get when you stumble across something that ignites your passion?  It’s that creative point in time when suddenly you feel moved to do something.   It’s that feeling you get when you can’t wait to get up in the morning and get going.   Your energy level is high,  your vision is clear and you can focus for long periods of time.   That point in time is what I like to call the motive point.

MotivePoint was created as a result of my own motive point.    I’ve been very fortunate to co-own and operate a very successful multi-location salon and spa operation here in Austin, Texas.    When our little company began to grow and become successful, I noticed more and more salon professionals reaching out for help.  These salon professionals would ask for advice and knowledge on how to grow their businesses.    MotivePoint was created to serve those professionals in a more effective and efficient way.   Consider it a meeting place to gain knowledge, share knowledge, engage, and have conversations.

Everyone has the capacity to be great.   And yet, there are many who haven’t reached their full potential.   Get up and move!   I want to hear about  your motive point.

To Good Business,